The Live Model at the Broad Art Lab was Beautiful!

Everbody was Amazed!

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Thank You to All Our Friends and Family Who Backed US for a Successful Kickstarter Funding Campaign!

You can still see the great video and all the information at Build the Biodome

Thank you for sharing your time with us today so we may inform you about a cause we deeply believe in.

We are trying to create a transformative natural space where community and visitors alike gather to share ideas and grow together.

We believe that in addition to being a cutting edge demonstration facility for emerging green technologies the Biodome will benefit the MSU community by also standing in the gap between many environmental and social issues. The Biodome will help connect people to each other and allow them to experience the health benefits of simply being in a warm natural space year round and at those times when life becomes stressful. People come to our university from all over the world to learn and research, for some of these people experiencing the nostalgia of seeing a plant, hearing a bird, or smelling a flower from where they grew up, in the middle of a Michigan winter, will serve as a reminder and encouragement that we are truly one people on a singular planet.

The Biodome would join the MSU community as the central hub for environmental conscious minds to meet, share, and discuss what steps are needed to begin solving some the issues we face today globally. Growing plants can be difficult, growing people can be even harder, but growing together is what we are trying to accomplish.

We believe the Biodome will be an incubator for social change and a template for other universities and communities to emulate.

By taking the Biodome Tour you can experience the visual impact of the layout. More design details are described in the Biodome Interior.

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We welcome your feedback.