Taylor Taylor

in concert

July 24th, 8pm at Dublin Square

327 Abbott Rd East Lansing

Catch the beautiful summer vibe on Dublin's south patio!!


The Student Greenhouse Project is working to create the place you may secretly long for, where you can go and relax in nature with friends.

On a dreary winter's day, you can walk into the sun-warmed tropical forest and find other nature-loving people.

We want you to enjoy the sparkling waterfalls, colorful fish in the pond, and other smiling people ambling the winding paths.

By taking the Biodome Tour you can experience the visual impact of the layout. More design details are described in the Biodome Interior.

We envision the Biodome to be full of activies and community gatherings, and provide a learning center full of living nature.

We welcome you to join in the fun and excitment by helping to create something new on the campus of Michigan State University. The new Biodome will be the most intriguing, engaging and beloved place on this beautiful campus.

Questions? Comments? Please Email us at [studentgreenhouse at gmail.com]

We welcome your feedback.

Triumphant SGP members after last year's race!!

The Dome Roam 5K Fun Run/Walk/Roll October 12th, 2014

Register and Run!!