Pictorial History of the old Greenhouse

The old Botany and Butterfly Greenhouse

The front door of the old greenhouse that welcomed us

John Mugg, the man that put his heart into this place

The experience was enchanting for all who visited

John Mugg and others spent countless hours creating it all

These hours paid off at the finish of the Tropical room

In the early stages plants just peek out of walls

Later the plants grew to fill in a tropical jungle

The Arid room had many different dessert plants

The greenhouse was home to plants large and small

The variety of flowers ranged from the exotic to the beautiful

The greenhouse was home to a wandering iguana

And there was still space for a Subtropical room

To top it all off, there was also a Butterfly House

Students were a large part of it all

It even played a part in their studies

Children and Adults of all ages ventured in, and as they left their impression on the greenhouse, it left a lasting impression on them

But it all had to go

The beloved greenhouse was slated for destruction

John Mugg was forced to destroy what took years to build

much was lost

yet much was saved

All that was left was an empty lot

And a legacy for us to uphold......